Saturday, July 9, 2011

5 months!!


Do you know how EASY eating is now? It's absolutely amazing!!! I can eat an apple!!! Yesterday, I ate a salad at work, and didn't have to worry about all the leaves being stuck in my braces. Oh my gosh, this is love. BTW, it hurts to get braces off ):. they made me open my mouth as far as I can for around 20 minutes. I had no clue my jaw was still weak from the surgery, but it hurt keeping it open that wide. Be prepared guys, stretch your mouth/jaw regularly!

So I feel no pain from the jaw surgery otherwise. I still have bumps along my jaw line, but it is only noticeable through touch not sight. As well, when you rub a certain spot on my jaw (approx where the cut was) it feels like I'm being tickled across the whole cut... It's a weird sensation but definitely prompts nothing more than an "oh, cool". And, when I eat something really cold or really hot, the sensation flows through the cut. Again, weird, but nothing that will hinder me in my life.

Feel free to post any questions, I want to do a huge post on the whole experience but I don't know what I want to put in it. Give some ideas! :D

Thank you all so much for supporting throughout the journey. I'll have a few more updates to do, so stay tuned!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

7 weeks? :)

Boo! Just wanted to post up some pics!
All is going well... eating is awesome!!! I don't regret the surgery one bit!

Oh and, I decided to cut most of my hair off.. it was so thin after the surgery, I just wanted to start all over and let it heal over summer!

Sadly the scar/cut on my chin isn't going away... any tips on letting it heal faster?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

6 Weeks :)

Guess what everyone? I CAN CHEW AGAINNNN!!!!

It's awesome!


So, I've been feeling soreness around my lower jaw and when I asked my surgeon about it, he said it's because the muscles are very tense. He told me to start massaging them and it'll get better! I'm trying to see if my parents insurance covers lymph node massage, which I heard helps a lot with swelling..

As you can see, I still have swelling right where the cut is. When I smile it all condenses into a ball on my cheeks, making me still look like a chipmunk. I can't wait till the 6 month mark where I can see my jaw with all the swelling gone!

Chewing is different, I have to re-learn again since I went 6 weeks without doing so. But it's definitely more efficient than before. I have a lot more surface area to grind up food with since my teeth all touch now!

I'm STILL getting adjusted to my new bite, I have to rely on the elastics to guide where my teeth go.

That's it! Still no numbness, and no regrets ;)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

~1 month :)

Well. well well, going back into the real world is tough ):. It's a lot of catching up! I'm almost caught up in school, just have one more test and I'm good to go ;)

Soo... I have weekly checkups with my surgeon, and he said that my bite is getting along BEAUTIFULLY. But! I'm not able to chew yet... 2 weeks to go...

I've been weening myself of Ensure, although it is the only thing I bring to school. Ensures are just more convenient because it takes me a long time to eat. And I still get a mild ache if I open/close my mouth too much. I've lost 7lbs, and it's been kept off because I'm not eating as much as I used too ):

I don't feel as weak as last week, but it's still there. I guess it just takes time to get your strength back!

I can fit EXACTLY two fingers in my mouth! Yeay! I could fit three before the surgery, so I'm stretching my jaw daily to speed up the process.

I still have (somewhat) noticeable swelling on my cheeks, and it's really noticeable when I smile as it kind of bunches up into a bulge. ):

Ahhh... I think that's all...
I'm feeling good, absolutely no regrets, and counting the days till when the braces come off!!! ;)

(PS. It's a cold sore)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 14, first day back to school!

So I had an interesting day back..

First thing, you know the cut on my chin? From the compression bandage? Well everyone kept asking me "Oh is that where they cut you?" and "Did you get your chin done..?" Uhh... NO. I swear I told the 'bandage story' 12 times today.

Another thing, I found out from my mom that my surgery took an hour longer than it should have. (2hr45 rather than 1hr45) Why? They couldn't knock me out! I took laughing gas, knockout gas, anesthesia ... and that's just from what I remember. A common side effect is depression a few weeks after the surgery as the drugs leave your body. Turns out I haven't fought it all off yet. I guess the stress from all the work I had to do was a lot because I cried 4 times at school. BUT, I wasn't even sad! It just happened randomly while I was talking to people. It was actually funny.

As well, I'm still really weak. I kept getting dizzy spells throughout the day because stairs are killer. And the two Ensure bottles I brought as lunch probably wasn't enough... I think I'll bring three from now on.

Oh, and people said that they can't notice a difference from before and after. I'm kind of glad, but I'm still swollen so hopefully (good) aesthetic results will happen then. :)

I'm sure you guys don't care about actual school related stuff I missed so I'll leave it here.

Have a good day guys!

PS. My hair has become really thing / fine after the surgery, anyone have any suggestions to thicken it back up?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 13!

Look at how much the swelling has gone done! :D (It's definitey still there though... I can't wait for the last of it to go away!)

I asked the surgeon today about the bumps along my jaw? He said they were just calluses, from where they cut along my jaw, and will go away in time. Yeay! Nothing serious!

(Side note: looked up the exact definition of callus: hardened skin.... HUH? I thought it had something to do with bone!!! I think I might have forgotten the exact word the Dr. has used...)

I'm down to TWO elastics during the day, and they're placed so that I can actually open my mouth and stuff. YEAY! That also means school tomorrow... darn.
I have to have the 'wired down' four elastics formation on at night, which I'm totally okay with because now I'm paranoid about my jaw moving.

Nothing else... cya guys later!